The HEART of the matter is the matter of the HEART

A WORLDWIDE AWAKENING is currently happening of believers discovering ancient biblical truths and blueprints of God that carry significant meaning for the life of every New Testament believer today. Many of these precious truths were lost over centuries past, but a spiritual awakening is clearly evident today of a rediscovering of these ancient blueprint paths. One of these blueprints is The Tabernacle of Moses. People are amazed once they discover the relevancy of the tabernacle for their lives today and the tremendous depths and richness of these ancient biblical truths that will stay hidden for the casual onlooker, but are revealed to the sincere seeker.

“ It is the glory of God to conceal a matter, but the glory of kings is to search out a matter ”
Proverbs 25:2

In this 90 minute TWO PART presentation these spiritual blueprints are revealed.

If you desire to learn more about God and His kingdom and desire to learn how to be a true follower of Christ - or you are just simply curious and searching for truth - Heartcore Ministries warmly invites YOU to come and discover these ancient spiritual truths from the Tabernacle of Moses that will IMPACT YOUR LIFE for all eternity!

This two part presentation will give attendees understanding of:

Tabernacle 1 (T1): The Straight Gate of Salvation

• A Blueprint from Heaven - the Eternal reality of the tabernacle
• why did God instruct Moses to build the tabernacle
• the physical layout and features of the tabernacle
• the Redemption plan of God for mankind in the tabernacle
• the prophetic shadow types in the tabernacle fulfilled by Jesus Christ
• prophetic meaning of colours and numbers in the tabernacle
• the believer today as a living tabernacle

Tabernacle 2 (T2): The Narrow Way of Sanctification

• the crucified lifestyle of a disciple of Christ - living a life of worship and obedience
• understanding spirit, soul and body in the tabernacle
• a believer as a New Testament Priest according to the order of Melchizedek
• the 7 Priestly Protocols of functioning in the Courts of Heaven as a New Testament Priest
• how to walk in the Spirit and righteousness

TEACHING VENUE: House of Bread, 4 Stapelberg street Brandwag, Bloemfontein (Tabernacle scale model located in the back garden)

Presenter: Martin Taljaard (Heartcore Ministries)
DURATION = 90 min

Bookings are necessary. (Minimum 5 people)
For bookings, presentation times or more information Ccntact Martin at 072 942 0178
COST: R120 per person

The disciples asked the Lord Jesus,“Lord, teach us to pray”.

IF a believer could pray in any manner he/she wanted to - why then did the disciples asked Jesus to teach them HOW to pray? Jesus then answered them saying “THIS is how you should pray”. The answer of Jesus in Matthew 6:9 indicates that there is a way, a divine pattern for prayer - a heavenly protocol for approaching our Father in heaven in prayer.
Why do so many believers experience unanswered prayer? Why do many believers find prayer boring? Why does James 1:5-8 give a requirement for answered prayer and James 4:3 says that a person can pray in an incorrect way - and yet again Hebrews 11:6 gives another requirement for approaching God?

In the Tabernacle Prayer Presentation you will learn:

  • • about the parallels between the tabernacle’s layout and its items and the Lord’s prayer in Matthew 6 and the divine principles of effective prayer found in the blueprint of the tabernacle.
  • • how to enter God’s presence, spend intimate time with Him and find joy and fulfillment during your time of prayer - even during hard and difficult times in your life.
  • • how to live as God’s living tabernacle today with all its different parts and how to function in it
  • • to recognize the voice of the Holy Spirit within you as God’s tabernacle.
  • • how to not only speak TO God, but to EXPERIENCE His PRESENCE IN YOU leaving your prayer closet fulfilled, full of faith, joy and peace.
  • • practical prayer tools and principles like prayer reading that will help you to focus, quiet your mind and learn the art of patiently waiting on God
  • • how to get rid of boredom, impatience and doubt - praying in faith and get your prayers answered.

Discover the kingdom principles of prayer in the Tabernacle Model as Jesus taught it to His disciples and experience the difference it makes in your fellowship with God!
Don’t miss it! It will revolutionize your prayer life!

TEACHING VENUE: House of Bread, 4 Stapelberg street Brandwag, Bloemfontein (Tabernacle scale model located in the back garden)

Presenter: Martin Taljaard (Heartcore Ministries)
DURATION = 2 hours

PLEASE NOTE – a Person can only attend the Tabernacle Prayer School if he/she has completed the Tabernacle 1 and 2 teaching sessions. The T1 + T2 foundational teachings of the tabernacle are necessary for a person to be able to comprehend and understand the kingdom prayer principles taught in the Tabernacle Prayer School.

The Tabernacle Prayer Presentation is the Foundational Introduction of THE SCHOOL OF PRAYER - an in depth curriculum on PRAYER dealing with the biblical principles that govern prayer as taught by Jesus Himself and the Apostles. If you want to learn how to pray more effectively, get rid of boredom, lack of focus, impatience and want to leave your prayer closet filled with faith, joy and peace - then enrolling in The School of Prayer is for YOU! Discover that prayer is NOT something you DO - IT IS WHO YOU ARE! It’s NOT a ritual - it is fellowship with God.

Bookings are necessary. (Minimum 5 people)
For bookings, presentation times or more information about the Tabernacle Prayer Model and The School of Prayer:

Contact Martin at 072 942 0178
COST: R180 per person

Future presentations at the Tabernacle Scale Model:

Prophetic insights into

  • • the Priestly Garments: shadow types for the New Testament believer today
  • • prophetic time cycles, colours, numbers & symbols in the tabernacle
  • • the prophetic significance of the 7 Feasts of the Lord in the tabernacle
  • • God’s prophetic time table with Earth
  • • the different church dispensations, the Second Coming, the Millennium reign and the New Earth

footer logo bottomWe trust that your visit with us will inspire you into an ever deeper walk with God or if you are just curiously investigating and still seeking for truth - may your visit with us lead you to divine surprises you never thought possible.

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