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Rhythm of Life

Are you dissatisfied, unfulfilled and frustrated in your current job and career? Or do you simply feel a sense of being out of sync and rhythm with everything and everyone around you? Maybe the reason is that you are not living an authentic life true to whom you really are and you are out of balance with the rhythm of the passion in your own heart. Rhythm of Life offers life coaching for individuals (adults & school children) helping them to identify their true calling and life mission on earth (career calling) by a creative and practical guidance process. This process has been designed to discover one’s true identity and instinctive passion rhythm which will lead you into a life of purpose, fulfillment and success. Learn also the TEN natural rhythms of life and how to apply them in your own life which will bring simplicity, focus, peace and joy back into your life in the midst of a stressful, competitive, and demanding society.

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